The enthusiasm and excitement was very evident in the air as fifteen  Grade 4 learners set up their projects for the NST Fair at school level which took place on the morning of the 6th April 2019 in the Natural Sciences Lab at SBSM. Every project was awe inspiring in every aspect. Thus, this made it a mammoth task for the two judges, Ms S Singh and Ms D Nagin, to decide on the top 5 positions. The learners and their parents waited anxiously with bated breath when the announcement was made.

Ayaan Jeva took first position for his project titled ‘The Age of Robots’. Second position went to Bhaveer Keshav for his project titled ‘Walking Water’. Jordan Vengethasamy took third position for his project titled ‘The Wonders of the Human Eye’. Fourth position went to Sahana Singh for her project titled ‘Electric Centric’ and Keona Soogreem took fifth position for her project on Solar Energy.

All fifteen  learners are winners in their own right as all the projects were simply ‘Out of this World’. The mere fact that they had participated and taken the time to research and make their projects is an indication of the next generation of budding Einsteins.

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