Representative Council for Learners

The purpose of the RCL is to afford the student body of SBSM, an opportunity to participate in activities that concern the learners directly or indirectly, in the functioning of the school, and to instil in them a sense of responsibility, encourage school loyalty and respect for authority, in order to prepare them for their adult lives. The RCL will have the following executives – Chairperson; Vice Chairperson; Secretary; Treasurer; Education Officer; Media Officer; Sport Officer and Cultural Officer.


Objectives of the RCL

  • To ensure that all the learners have a clear understanding of their rights and privileges, responsibilities and duties, of the learners, in order to build, and maintain a healthy attitude throughout the learner body;
  • To act as the only recognised channel of communication between the learner body and the EDUCATOR BODY, PARENT’S ASSOCIATION, and the AC, and vice versa;
  • To build learner unity so that they can act as one strong united body;
  • To plan and promote social and other learner based activities and encourage all learners to get involved in projects and campaigns in and around the broader school community;
  • To act at all times in the best interests of the learners of the school;
  • To listen to learner problems no matter how irrelevant these may seem to be and to help resolve these problems, through discussion, debate and reason in so as may be possible;
  • To keep all learners informed about all the activities and events at school;
  • To develop and foster a positive relationship with all the management, the educators and support staff at the school in the best interest of all concerned;
  • To develop a good relationship with the AC, PARENT ASSOCIATION, EDUCATOR BODY and other relevant representative bodies at the school;
  • To strive to uphold the Ethos of the school by encouraging better race relations, religious tolerance, language differences, etc. inside and outside school;
  • To establish for the benefit of all learners, fruitful links with other students of other schools and communities, wherever they may be found.
Mrs B F Laher

I have a passion for youth empowerment that can be achieved through guidance and mutual respect. As the liaison officer I look forward to ensuring that the vision and mission of the school and the learners are aligned as well as ensuring that learners are part of the decision-making process where possible. Furthermore, as liaison officer I will be there to guide, support and assist the RCL members. Looking forward to a fun filled year together.

Mrs. B. F. Laher

RCL Liaison Officer

Ms J Patel

It is my honour and privilege to serve as the RCL Liaison Officer for the year 2022. The main aim of the RCL is to ensure that learners are happy to come to school, content with the functioning of the school, and are proud ambassadors of SBSM.  I am certain that the newly elected executive members will perform their duties to the best of their abilities and in the best interest of the learners. In my capacity as Liaison Officer, I will provide the guidance, assistance, support, and encouragement that these learners require to ensure that they meet their goals.

Best wishes to the RCL of 2022. Let’s make this year count.

Ms. J. Patel

RCL Liaison Officer

Namaste. My name is Sonia Lakha and I am the RCL Chairperson 2023/24. As the Chairperson of the RCL, my main priority is the well-being and success of the learners of SBSM. This year, I hope to create a school environment within which learners can voice their concerns and access assistance easily. Our efforts as the RCL will not only be focused on the academic well-being of the learners at SBSM, but also on the mental well-being of the learners. We also hope to assist learners with their extracurricular activities such as sports and robotics. Through this, we hope to make SBSM a better place for learners in all regards

My name is Dhruv Valla and I am the vice-chairperson for 2024

As the Vice Chairperson of the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) in our school, my future role holds significant responsibilities and opportunities to contribute to the student community. Firstly, I am entrusted with the task of representing the collective voice of the student body, ensuring that their concerns, suggestions, and aspirations are effectively communicated to the school administration. This involves fostering open channels of communication, organizing regular forums for student feedback, and collaborating with fellow council members to address pertinent issues.

Furthermore, my role extends beyond advocacy to promoting a positive and inclusive school environment. I aim to facilitate initiatives that foster unity, tolerance, and mutual respect among students. This may involve organizing events that celebrate diversity, implementing mentorship programs, and working closely with school staff to create an atmosphere conducive to both academic and personal growth. By assuming the position of Vice Chairperson, I am not only embracing a leadership role but also committing myself to the betterment of our school community, contributing to a vibrant and supportive educational experience for all.

My name is Bijal Hariparsad and I’m your secretary for 2024

I am excited about the opportunity to serve our school community.

As a student here, I’ve witnessed the strength and potential of our collective voice as students. I believe that effective communication and organization are crucial to ensuring that every student’s ideas and concerns are heard and addressed.

My vision for this role is simple: transparency, accessibility, and action. I aim to maintain accurate records of our meetings, ensuring that all discussions and decisions are well-documented and easily accessible to everyone. Moreover, I will actively seek your input and feedback on issues that matter to you, making sure that our RCL truly represents the diverse needs and aspirations of our students.

I bring with me a strong commitment to organization, attention to detail, and a passion for fostering a positive school environment. With these qualities, I am confident in my ability to serve you diligently and effectively.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain” ~ Dolly Parton

My name is Kaithlyn Lalaram and I am the treasurer of the RCL for 2024.

As the treasurer, I oversee all financial aspects of RCL initiatives, the collection of money and the verification of and learner payments. Making sure the money entrusted to me is handled with the utmost respect is my goal for my time in the RCL. Since I think that many hands make light work, I would also like to extend my responsibilities beyond merely financial support and provide my fellow RCL members as much assistance as I can.

If anything consider me like a Scrooge McDuck for your money. I promise not to spend it carelessly and to keep it safely like Scrooge would with his number one dime

Hi, my name is Kashvika Govender, and I’m the Education Officer of the RCL for 2024.

As the education officer, my values center around fostering a supportive learning environment, promoting inclusivity, and empowering students to reach their full potential. My goal is to enhance educational experiences through collaborative initiatives, ensuring every student has access to quality resources and opportunities. What inspires me is witnessing the transformative power of education in shaping bright futures and building a community that thrives on knowledge and shared success. Together, let’s create a learning journey that leaves a lasting impact on every student at our school.

“Everything is a learning process: any time you fall over, it’s just teaching you to stand up the next time.” — Joel Edgerton

Hey, I’m Shailin Jugjewan, your Media Officer, and I’m all about making our school experience unforgettable!

I’m on a mission to turn our school stories into blockbuster tales. From engaging social media vibes to lively videos, I’m here to ensure our school spirit shines bright. Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” and together, let’s be the innovators.

Imagine a place where information meets inspiration, where every student feels connected and proud. That’s the journey I’m excited to embark on. Embracing the tech wave, I’m here to ensure we ride the cool currents of the digital world.

Let’s create stories, build connections, and leave a mark that makes our school days legendary. “Innovation is our superpower!”

My name is Yashiv Ganaspersad and I am your Sports officer for 2024

I am a firm believer that the most Important thing in life is the connections you make with others. My personal goal is to create an environment that promotes connections between people through sports.

Sports is one of the few things that I am passionate about and experienced in. I am determined to use my role in the RCL as the sports officer to unite and create an exceptional school for all learners and create a brighter future for SBSM

My name is Foram Modi and I’m the RCL’s Outreach Officer for 2024

As the Outreach Officer, I would like to give back to the community and help out those in need. My primary objective is to establish and maintain positive relationships with the community and key stakeholders.

One of my goals is to create awareness and visibility of the struggles faced within the community and getting the learners involved in various outreach activities such as giving out care packages/hampers, visiting the old age homes and many more.

As the Outreach Officer I would like to work towards creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and represented

My name is Niyati Madhav. I am your cultural officer for 2024.

In my role as the cultural officer for the RCL in 2024, I am committed to building an inclusive community that embraces diversity and encourages cultural understanding. I plan to coordinate events and initiatives that highlight a range of cultural backgrounds, traditions, and perspectives, creating an atmosphere where each person feels recognized and valued. My aim is to narrow gaps, facilitate open conversations, and introduce a sense of unity within the SBSM community. Ultimately, my general goal is to play a role in growing a lively and united cultural environment within the school, encouraging a setting where everyone can prosper and contribute to an overall feeling of identity and belonging.