Natural Science Department Activities

“Education is not the learning of facts but training the mind to think”

~ Albert Einstein

The Natural Science Department has been actively involved in a range of exciting activities this year.

“Our learners have rocked!”

Grade 6 and 7 learners participated in the Science Scuffle in May.  Our team consisted of the following learners: Nikil Basdeo, Tiya Bhoola, Ashil Seejaram, Sonia Lakha, Tiya Haripersad and Tanisha Naidoo reached District Level.

The Grade 8 Quiz team consisted of Heeral Naran, Anushka Patel and Dashil Vala who attained first position at the Cluster Level Natural Sciences Quiz. They will be represent SBSM at District level on the 4th September 2019.

The Department excelled once again in the NST (Grade 6) and NS (Grade 9) Olympiad. The competition began in May at Cluster Level and culminated with the provincial round on the 24th August 2019. Shriya Ranchod and Arisha Lala (Grade 9) as well as Sonia Lakha (Grade 6) who attained 100% at District Level represented SBSM at Provincial Level. We are proud to announce that from 2560 schools and 600 000 learners, these learners were chosen to compete amongst the top 45 learners in the Province.

Shriya Ranchod and Arisha Lala both performed extremely well at Provincial Level. Shriya Ranchod claimed second position winning herself a Solar Portable Generator and Arisha Lala took fourth position. We are extremely proud of our learners’ efforts.

“A dream begins with a teacher who believes in you"



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