S.B.S.M. Afrikaans Spelathon creates a BUZZ!

On evening of  20th February 2019, S.B.S.M’s main hall buzzed with enthusiastic learners ready to participate in the final stage of the Afrikaans Spelathon.

Learners and their parents were welcomed in the foyer where all participants received their tags and viewed our photo gallery. Parents and learners could not resist a selfie moment.

The panel of judges consisted of two external adjudicators as well as Mr. Jacobs (SBSM Afrikaans HOD) and Mr. Coetzee (SBSM Afrikaans educator).

The evening was nail biting for learners as well as their parents.

All learners received participation certificates and the winners in each phase were awarded with a trophy.

Winners in the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 to Grade 6):   

  1.   Suha Patel
  2.   Bhavini Hira
  3.   Aarya Morar

Winners in the Senior Phase (Grade 7 to Grade 9):      

  1.   Shriya Ranchod
  2.   Dashil Valla
  3.   Misha Kana

Winners in the FET Phase (Grade 10 to Grade 12): 

  1.   Shivani Nana
  2.   Lekeisha Dullabh
  3.   Karishma Khusal
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