SBSM’s Matric Ball committee teamed up with Let’s Do It 2gether 4 Education to host the Bollywood Dhamaka show on Sunday, the 25th August 2019. Our rhythmically inclined leaners made choreography super easy as they took to the moves instantly.

Our little ones from Elementary and Foundation phase expressed their love of dance as they set the stage alight and mesmerised the crowd with their suave costumes and spectacular dance moves.

The hilarious comedy sketches took us on a journey through Lenasia and spoke about the habits of Indian people. From there, our comedians took us to Lenasia South and discussed the current Land Grab issues.

Dance items took us from classrooms with clowns, forward rollers and hurdle jumpers as choreography was based on the popular song ‘BUM BUM BOLE’ from Taare Zameen Par, to school playgrounds where dance moves, inspired by the gorgeous Tiger Shroff, showed learners performing cart wheels, lifts and jumps. The dances told stories of their adventurous journey their school year.

SBSM proudly produced items worthy of being in a Bollywood movie.

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