The idea of the SBSM Volleyball Premier League (VPL) was created to enhance, develop and encourage players to develop their skills and to empower educators to coach, manage and to become better technically and tactically. The VPL was also created to ensure that the game is continuously played well after the official season has ended. The main vision and goal, for SBSM VPL, is to continue with the playing of competitive volleyball. The format allows learners to play in and amongst other age groups and genders. This in turn, will improve the skill levels of our players and school teams. SBSM VPL can followed via Facebook and Instagram

There are 6 franchise teams which are mentored by SBSM educators. The teams are Blazers, Blockheads, Slammers, Spikaholics, Sugar & Spikes and Swag. All the teams have a distinct logo and colour as well as a theme song! The fixtures took place over 2 weekends in the school’s dining hall, which I am proud to say gets converted into a volleyball indoor arena. Added to this year, was the association of KAD VC – a master’s volleyball ladies club that assisted with a volleyball coaching clinic and an exhibition match on Women’s Day. May this association continue to grow and prosper. The SBSM VPL will be held annually, every Women’s Month.  This edition also saw the introduction of a Most Valuable Player Award and an All Star Team and a Rising Star Team selection. A closing ceremony took place which was attended by very excited players, parents, officials, supporters, School Board Members, educators, sponsors and well-wishers.

From the player draft listings, to the auction, announcement of the teams and coaches / mentors to the actual games and finals, the atmosphere and vibe was awesome. Thank you, to all the participants that made this SBSM VPL a FANTASTIC VOLLEYBALL EXPERIENCE!

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