Tuesday 30th April 2019 was a memorable day for our energetic learners who had an opportunity to participate and showcase their sporting talents and developing skills. During our sports period learners worked hard to get stronger, faster and better at their sporting abilities. Athletes competed one of three houses viz Trojans, Spartans and Romans.

The day began with a parade, school prayer and the national anthem. Excitement filled the air as each participant was strived for the 1st position and cheered their team mates along. The finishing line and parents’ cheering brought unforgettable moments of encouragement to our young athletes of SBSM. Another highlight was most definitely the parents and teachers race. The day ended with 311 points Spartans (blue house) 1st,  265 points Trojans (green house) 2nd and 203 points Romans (Red house) 3rd.


Well done and Congratulations to all our budding athletes. A huge thank you to the parents for their unconditional support always.

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