Computer Literacy

Including Grade 11 Knowledge Network SBSM In-School Diploma Programme

Why offer Computer Literacy?

  • Integrated learning
  • Learning is relaxed, fun, attainable and performance driven
  • Skills gained are being used by our learners to achieve and cope with university and workplace.


What we do?

  • In Grade 11 learners complete a 4-hour Research assessment to achieve the Grade 11 Knowledge Network SBSM In-School Diploma Programme)
  • Learners advance in their various levels and development programmes using technology.
  • Learners are taught:
    • Illustrating
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Creative writing
    • Research and referencing
    • Spreadsheeting, calculations and formulas, charting
    • Databases,
    • Presentations, animation, coding, block-based coding to tell stories and animate characters, multimedia, sound recording, entry level programming to