At SBSM, we believe that Grade 12 begins in Grade 10. In the FET Phase, grades 10 to 12, our educators teach subjects within the prescribed Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) to attain a National Senior Certificate (NSC) as well as aim at promoting learners’ social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

We are aware that, at the end of their schooling careers, learners need to excel in their matric examination and that is why during their previous phase, learners complete an Online Career Guidance course, which helps our learners pursue the subjects they require to ensure a successful access to tertiary education institutions.


The following core subjects are compulsory in the FET Phase:

  • English at Home Language
  • Afrikaans at First Additional Language
  • Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation


Our learners have a choice of three additional elective subjects from the following:

  • Physical Science
  • Accounting
  • Geography
  • Life Sciences
  • Business Economics
  • Computer Application Technology (CAT)


Grade 12:

Grade 12 content, for each subject, must be completed in 8 months. This places pressure on the learner to keep up to date with work, as the pace is fast and the work load can be overwhelming. There are many sources of support available for the learner such as past exam question papers, which are available online, or on request from educators and our holiday classes during the year. Learners in the FET phase are encouraged to make full use of the support afforded to them during the year.

It is better to work consistently, rather than have the extra pressure at year-end to catch up on content.

Learner Support Programme (LSP):

Educators will be available to assist learners with content on specific days each week. An LSP time-table will be provided at the beginning of the year. Learners are encouraged to make use of the extra support to ensure that they achieve the best possible results for each assessment.


Matric Send-off:

A special night dedicated to our learners and their parents takes place during the third term. It is a night whereby we thank our parents and the learners for entrusting us with their child’s education and wish our Grade 12’s every success for their final examination.

Our Hindu ethos creates a sound value-base and this, together with our educators who are motivated by their passion for education, our superb facilities and excellent resources makes our school the ideal place for a child to develop.


Learners also partake in the many co-curricular activities we offer:

  • Grade 10 and 11 learners play a fundamental role in the Representative Council of Learners, which, enhances their skills such as collaboration, communication, innovation and problem solving, This forms part of our Hindu ethos as it encourages the values of caring, service to others, commitment and courage.
  • Grade 11 learners are our hosts of the Matric Ball and carry out all the fundraising for the event. This educates them about our economy and planning.
  • Camps – every learner is encouraged to go on camp, which lasts for, between four to five days. Each grade visits a different camp in various parts of our beautiful country. This is where our adventurous learners come alive.
  • By the end of their Grade 11 year, our learners would have completed the Knowledge Network curriculum with a Diploma in Computer Skills.

The FET Phase is a crucial one, where parents / guardians, learners and educators strive for a common vision and it is therefore vital that we all work together to ensure our learners’ succeed.