In keeping with the importance of reading, the Grade 1s celebrated Dr Seuss's birthday on the 2nd March.

At SBSM one of our core functions is to empower learners with the tools that will enable them to reach their true potential and one of those tools is to READ.

An entire week was dedicated to reading Dr Seuss’ books. In addition, activities such as funky socks day, crazy hair day, t-shirt day and favourite character dress up day were planned to bring in the fun element.

The basis for reading is formed when a child sees people around them reading and doing it with pleasure. Children love to be talked to and to listen to stories. Reading aloud to children can help them explore new facts, acquire the right word pronunciation as well as get introduced to vocabulary that not always come up in day-to-day conversations.

Reading is one of the most essential milestones in the life of young children. It is an indispensable developmental skill that influences a child’s ability to communicate and make their way in the world of advanced learning.


S.B.S.M Empowering young minds to read

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