Matric Results 2019

SBSM learners reach for the sky…


The 8th January 2020 saw SBSM’s class of 2019, together with their parents, anxiously gathered at school in anticipation of their results, the morning began with formalities and a celebratory breakfast.

I am extremely proud of all our learners, as their efforts and dedication have reaped them the rewards they truly deserve. In total, our class of 2019 attained 86 distinctions and another 2 for Advanced Program in Mathematics.

We had 8 learners with 80%+ aggregates, congratulations to all eight learners, Esha Bhoola, Mikhail Chirkoot, Akshay Bhayroo, Devanshi Patel, Shriana Lall, Karan Valla, Shivani Nana and Kiasha Chetty.

We were thrilled to announce that Esha Bhoola, with an aggregate of 90%+, took second place in the PROVINCE, in the Independent school’s division at the Gauteng Top Matriculants’ Awards ceremony.

SBSM is very proud of you! We wish you everything of the best for life after SBSM and know that you will be successful in your various fields.

“Life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect… It is about being real, being humble, and being kind.”

Mr J Nana


Devanshi Patel


Esha Bhoola


Karan Valla

6A’s + 1B

Akshay Bhayroo

6A’s + 1B

Mikhail Chirkoot

6A’s + 1B

Shivani Nana

5A’s + 2B’s

Shriana Lall

5A’s + 2B’s

Kiasha Chetty

4A’s + 3B’s