Sport is the best platform for learners to grow individually and work in teams. The aspects inculcated in sport ensures that our learners succeed not only on the playing field but in their day to day life as well. Participation in various sports allows for individuals to unlock their potential through physicality, competition and team work.

At SBSM all learners are encouraged to participate in some type of sporting activity regardless of it being on a competitive or social level.

All our PET activities are taught by a sports specialist ensuring maximum benefit to each of our learners focussing on strength, flexibility and agility regardless of their individual physical strengths and athleticism.

Our school offers weekly sporting activities in the form of inter class Break Time Sports. This allows for maximum participation in a less competitive environment and provides a perfect opportunity for our learners to explore different sporting codes in a less pressured environment building their confidence, developing interpersonal skills, as well as improving their overall athleticism and fitness.

SBSM is a proud affiliate to the Lenasia School Sports body which provides our athletes an opportunity to obtain District, Provincial and National colours in the various sporting codes offered.


At SBSM we offer the following sporting codes

  • Athletics
  • Volleyball
  • table tennis
  • chess
  • hard ball cricket
  • street cricket
  • mini cricket
  • netball
  • mini netball
  • soccer


Junior Phase (000 – Grade 3)

Sporting and physical activities at an elementary level are purely non-competitive. Emphasis is made on learning, playing and skill building through various activities. These activities encourage learner interaction, social, cognitive and emotional development and the development of gross and fine motor skills in controlled environments.

Fundamental movement skills and building overall motor skills are focussed on in this phase placing a great emphasis on FUN. Participation in these codes are purely an introduction to the competitive scene as they prepare our athletes for performance at a higher level in the phases to follow. The skills learnt in this phase ensures that our athletes are prepared for competitive encounters which leads to great character building both on and off the field of play.