The Junior Phase, from grade 000 to grade 3, aims to ensure that every student is holistically developed. Our learning program targets three specific academic areas namely: Numeracy, Literacy (English and Afrikaans) and Life Skills. We strive to create a well-rounded environment which fosters itself to the constructive development of every child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being. We value our students and ensure quality education is our main objective, which is why we offer learner support programs to students who may find the curriculum challenging. SBSM is all about creating vivid learning experiences. Our Hindu Ethos creates a sound value-base and this together with a team of specialist educators will readily enhance your little ones educational journey by exposing them to a variety of extra and co-curricular activities such as: Physical Education, Tennis, Movement, Sports Activity, Playball, Pottery, Cooking Classes, Speech and Drama, Mind Moves, Eastern Languages and Knowledge Network Computer Skills. But wait, that’s not all… we are known to further extend our services and make learning an exciting adventure by incorporating loads of edutainment via events such as the Career Dress up Drive in Grade R, Dr. Seuss Week for our Grade 1’s, the Grade 3 Day Camp, Grandparents Tea Party, Excursions, Exhibitions, The Diwali Show, Halloween, Concerts and lots more! We guarantee peace of mind as you entrust your little ones in our capable hands.