We want to take this opportunity to personally congratulate all our learners who have achieved a position in the TOP 10 of the grade.

We are extremely proud of you

Undoubtedly, you have worked extremely hard for this outstanding academic achievement. Your perseverance and grit are commendable, especially as you have endured and successfully navigated the challenges presented this year.

The end of this year NOT only means the end of extremely early mornings, piles of annoying homework but it closes one chapter and opens another. Just like every significant life event, an achievement as being in the TOP 10 is an incredible accomplishment and a time for celebration.

As you transition from one grade to the next, our wish is that you always extend your academic curiosity.

On behalf of all the educators at SBSM, we wish you hearty congratulations on your achievements.

Best wishes

School Management Team – 2022