Grade 7 Mentorship Programme

The mentorship programme aims at affording all our children opportunities in leadership skills, communication, and team work and most importantly all of these projects will allow them to enhance their academic progress as well as their emotional and social interactions. Furthermore, through our various portfolios, we hope to enhance skills such as, communication, innovation and problem solving as well as the values of care, commitment, confidence, courage and curiosity. These skills and values are essential when it comes to succeeding as leaders and global citizens in the 21st century.

“One of the ways we can build a better future for our children is by empowering them through allowing them to speak up for themselves. Of course, we as adults have to guide them and take the ultimate responsibility, but start by teaching our children how to think and not what to think.”

All grade 4 to 7 Educators are involved in the Mentorship program and are responsible for different portfolios and manage various projects.

Firstly mentors must participate in a minimum of three level 1 activities and a minimum of two level 2 activities. Secondly mentors will be evaluated using a tool to track their performance.

Level 1 and level 2 activities

Level 1 ActivitiesLevel 2 Activities
To assist at school functionsOutreach projects
To assist with making of tokens National holiday projects
To assist on parents days
Assist during breaks with break time duties.
Staff wellness
Blood drive

Below is an outline of all our activities/initiatives that we will be covering during the year and the different portfolios that make up the Mentorship programme. There are other activities that take place during the year which may not be part of the calendar.

There are 7 portfolios that make up the Mentorship program:

RecreationalMr S MoratAnimation Day
OutreachMrs T Daya
Mrs N Bhayett
Blood drive
Down Syndrome Day
Slipper Day
Outreach programs - collect and distribute (Diwali)
Environmental awarenessMrs F Bapoo
Mrs N Lakha
Maintaining Flower/vegetable beds
Environmental /Arbour week initiatives
Proudly South AfricanMrs V Lalloo
Ms Z Jacub
Youth Day
Mandela Day
National Women’s Day
Staff wellnessMrs N Naran
Staff wellness Mrs N Naran Welcome back for Staff
Valentine’s Day
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Teacher’s Day
Guru Purnima
MediaMrs K SivrathanNotice Boards
Slide shows
Newspaper articles
Newsletters (D6)
Mrs K Molope
Religious Observations


Staff wellness (Mrs S Daya) – Learners made welcome back tokens for all Staff members and are currently busy putting together a Valentine’s Day token for all staff members.

Outreach (Mrs T Daya and Mrs N Bhayett) – Educators are currently working on an initiative with SANBS.

National holidays (Mrs V Lalloo and Ms Z Jacub) – Learners are currently working on a Human Rights program which will be presented in an assembly.

Cultural (Bhens) – Grade 7 learners together with the Bhens and other Mentorship Educators are preparing an item for Holi.

BTS (Mr S Morat) – Grade 7 learners assisting with the volleyball fixtures during breaks.

Media (Mrs K Sivrathan) – Learners have been using the computer centre and Madam Kashmira has been assisting learners with notice board news.

Environmental Awareness (Mrs F Bapoo and Mrs N Naran) – A group of learners have volunteered to assist Madam F Bapoo with litter and general upkeep of the flowerbeds.