The intermediate phase, grades 4 to 6, offers a platform for children to feel free to explore and express their individuality within acceptable boundaries.  The emphasis is still on establishing basic foundations; and the application of skills and concepts is also a focus area in this phase. The learning areas in this phase are English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Science and Technology, Life Skills, Knowledge Network Computer literacy and Coding, Drama and Eastern languages. Our learning areas fall within the framework of the CAPS curriculum. Our learners are assessed continuously throughout the year and formal summative assessments are written in the second and fourth terms. Learners experiencing difficulties are offered academic learner support classes by their subject educators. Our learners are also exposed to external Olympiads, Maths challenges, English, Afrikaans and Eastern language speech contests, book and newspaper quizzes, educational day trips and competitions offered at District and Provincial levels. Our learners are offered an opportunity to participate in our various outreach projects steered by the RCL (Representative Counsel of learners) and the Grade 7 Mentors (Mentorship programme).  We are always mindful, not just of the final results, but of the joy of the journey along the way. Our overnight leadership camps help to instil self-confidence and discipline. Sports plays an integral role in the development of our learners and is offered at various levels within this phase too. Our Hindu Ethos creates a sound value-base and this together with our qualified educators makes our school the ideal place for a child to develop.