FET Phase TOP 10 2020

FET Phase TOP 10 2020

It is our honour to announce the following learners who have placed in the TOP 10 for 2020 in grade 10 and grade 11. These learners have excelled in their academics this year, where there were many challenges faced due to Covid-19. A BIG thank you to parents, siblings, extended family and educators for supporting learners and helping them to achieve outstanding results this year. We would also like to commend ALL our SBSM learners who have done their best this year.

Congratulations to the following grade 10 learners:

1. Shriya Ranchod

2. Shohini Singh

3. Arisha Lala

4. Himani Nagin

5. Tarini Mowjee

6. Nishtha Rasadiya

7. Nidhi Patel

8. Nikil Daya

Luqmaan Majam

9. Harshini Chhiba

10. Riya Narsi


Congratulations to the following grade 11 learners:

1. Neha Basdeo

2. Nia Jobby

3. Trishul Chagan

4. Saishan Naick

5. Hansini Haripersad

6. Veer Govind

7. Nidhi Bhana

8. Kishalan Pather

9. Shayur Govin

10. Riya Makan

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