Academic Head’s message

Mrs-P-Munnhar 1


Namaste Parents

It is always a parents dream to give their child the academic advantage. SBSM is a school of academic excellence. The Hindu ethos is the foundation upon which the school charters its course to success and happiness.

As our learners meander through the buildings and corridors it is impossible not to be struck by the beauty, tranquillity and inviting nature of the school. The values based ethos ensures that inclusivity, diversity and transparency are adhered to.

Mahatma Gandhi once stated: “Education which does not mould character is absolutely worthless.” The educators at SBSM are highly qualified and are in a constant pursuit for excellence. As we practice the principles of SEVA (service to others), we achieve our aim which is to mould our learners to be the best version of who they are.

This team is in a constant cycle of learning, improving and enjoying! It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of such a dynamic and innovative team!

Mrs Pradhika Munnhar
Academic Head