Representative Council for Learners

The purpose of the RCL is to afford the student body of SBSM, an opportunity to participate in activities that concern the learners directly or indirectly, in the functioning of the school, and to instil in them a sense of responsibility, encourage school loyalty and respect for authority, in order to prepare them for their adult lives. The RCL will have the following executives – Chairperson; Vice Chairperson; Secretary; Treasurer; Education Officer; Media Officer; Sport Officer and Cultural Officer.


Objectives of the RCL

  • To ensure that all the learners have a clear understanding of their rights and privileges, responsibilities and duties, of the learners, in order to build, and maintain a healthy attitude throughout the learner body;
  • To act as the only recognised channel of communication between the learner body and the EDUCATOR BODY, PARENT’S ASSOCIATION, and the AC, and vice versa;
  • To build learner unity so that they can act as one strong united body;
  • To plan and promote social and other learner based activities and encourage all learners to get involved in projects and campaigns in and around the broader school community;
  • To act at all times in the best interests of the learners of the school;
  • To listen to learner problems no matter how irrelevant these may seem to be and to help resolve these problems, through discussion, debate and reason in so as may be possible;
  • To keep all learners informed about all the activities and events at school;
  • To develop and foster a positive relationship with all the management, the educators and support staff at the school in the best interest of all concerned;
  • To develop a good relationship with the AC, PARENT ASSOCIATION, EDUCATOR BODY and other relevant representative bodies at the school;
  • To strive to uphold the Ethos of the school by encouraging better race relations, religious tolerance, language differences, etc. inside and outside school;
  • To establish for the benefit of all learners, fruitful links with other students of other schools and communities, wherever they may be found.