SBSM has kept up to its vision and goal of affording grade 12 learners the opportunity of attaining the best possible results. Congratulations goes out to the learners themselves for their dedication and commitment toward their education. To our educators, hats off to you for your continuous contribution and mentoring our young adults for their future careers and life. A big thanks and congratulations also to the learners’ parents for their support and trust in us for choosing SBSM as their school of choice.
Our learners attained a staggering 78 A’s and 43 B’s in their various subjects. Well done to all our grade 12 learners for their contribution and achievement. SBSM is very proud of you! We wish you everything of the best for life after SBSM and know that you will be successful in your various fields.
“Life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect… It is about being real, being humble, and being kind.”

Mr. J. Nana

Our top learners for 2017 are:

Zagesh Parshotam

7 A's

7 A’s

Sushkia Naick

7A's + 1B

7A’s + 1B

Rishivardhan Nagarajan



Khyati Dama


Jaimeen Lalloo

6A's +1B

6A’s +1B

Haveesa Shukla