The RCL took a pledge on the 19th of January in front of the entire school. The pledge is based on being PROUD, TOUGH, DETERMINED and STRONG. We strive to uphold the high standards of the school and honour the pledge that we all took.


The Honour Pledge

We pledge to ensure that all learners have an understanding of their rights and privileges, responsibilities and duties in order to build and maintain a healthy attitude throughout the learner body.

To act at all times in the best interest of the learners of the school.

To develop and foster a positive relationship with all stakeholders of SBSM in the best interest of all concerned.

We promise to:

  • BE STRONG and


As a prefect of Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir, I promise to perform my duties earnestly, and to the best of my ability uphold the Prefect’s code. I will wear my uniform with pride. I will respect and practise the value system. I will endeavor to set an example by my good behavior, honesty and effort which will influence younger children to become helpful school citizens, supporting our school motto.

A Prefect’s Code


A Prefect will:

  • value and keep our school rules
  • always respect the school values
  • provide an excellent model of behavior for other students
  • be helpful towards teachers, parents and school visitors
  • be courteous at all times
  • be reliable and responsible
  • be helpful and kind to students in need
  • report all incidents of concern to appropriate teachers
  • care for school property
  • avoid all forms of discrimination


A prefect will:

  • wear the full school uniform
  • encourage other children to wear the school uniform


A prefect will:

  • participate fully in all school activities
  • support all school activities
  • respect the rights of others at all times
  • be co-operative with teachers and fellow students
  • care for others, especially smaller or younger children
  • respect teachers and visitors to our school.