Being chairperson of the RCL comes with many challenges and responsibilities. However, it is also a very educational experience and has many benefits.

One of the best parts is being able to interact with the different stakeholders at SBSM. We regularly meet with our headmaster and report to the AC. We also get to interact with the teachers and other staff. However, it is most fulfilling to get feedback from the learners. Every Friday we meet with learners to discuss queries and generally convey information. The learners of SBSM are always supportive of our projects which is very encouraging.

Throughout our term, we have experienced such hospitality and motivation from the people around us. I am therefore so privileged to be in the position of chairperson as it means that I get to interact with these people. I have taken many things from this experience, one of which is learning to work with a team. The RCL must always be a well-oiled machine and I am honoured to be a part of this.

Ashil Ram
Chairperson (RCL – 2017)