It is my absolute privilege and pleasure that I have been afforded the opportunity to be the Headmaster of SBSM. This is an exciting time for us all at SBSM as we are ambitious and aspirational for its future. I share a great passion for the school and believe it is important that young people have a strong moral compass and involvement with the wider community. Ultimately, our aim is that every boy and girl should leave SBSM happy, fulfilled and prepared for the next stage of their life. I have always been committed to the concept of a holistic, values-based education which allows our learners to flourish and recognise that SBSM is highly successful in providing a very rich experience for them. It is what marks us out as a community, and it is what makes SBSM the special place it is to work in and serve the children in our care.
You, the parent, have always supported me in my various projects towards learner development and I know that I may count on your support and cooperation as you have always kindly obliged me with.

Yours in gratitude

Mr J Nana