Senior Primary Grades 4-7

Importance of this phase

  • Gr 4-7 is the foundation for learning that takes place in the Senior Primary
  • We follow the National CAPS Curriculum of South Africa.
  • We strive to develop critical thinkers. At the same time they should become caring and responsible human beings.

We offer a wide range of subjects which include:

  • English,
  • Afrikaans,
  • Mathematics,
  • Natural Science (NS)
  • Technology
  • Social Science (SS),
  • Economic Management Sciences (EMS),
  • Creative Arts (Drama and Art)
  • Life Orientation,
  • Music,
  • Computer Literacy,
  • Gujarati/Hindi/Tamil (Indian Language).

Our dedicated and well qualified educators provide quality education that stimulates effective learning. We develop and maintain an excellent work ethic and encourage our students to achieve the highest academic standards.

Support Programmes

  • Individual attention in classrooms for underperforming learners.
  • Support classes are offered during breaks and after school.
  • Revision and Remedial work is done one/two weeks prior to the examinations.
  • Learners have the opportunity to review and remediate post examinations.
  • Learners are constantly encouraged to ask questions relevant to difficulties and misconceptions they experience in their learning process.