The Foundation Phase at SBSM school has grown from strength to strength over the years. We strive to cater for the needs of all learners in order to develop their confidence and assist them in becoming well-rounded learners. The Holistic development of our learners; i.e emotional, intellectual physical and spiritual is most important to us. The Foundation Phase learners (Gr R,1,2,3) are provided with a happy, safe and nurturing environment where learning takes place in an atmosphere of love, understanding and guidance.

We inculcate the values based on a Hindu Ethos. The “golden triangle”, that is the strong link between parents, educators and learners form a vital part at our school. Parents and educators work together to support and motivate learners to achieve their goals. CAPS is the required National Curriculum and is fully covered in the Foundation Phase. The teaching of English, Mathematics, Life Skills, Afrikaans, and Eastern Languages is thoroughly planned from grade to grade to give our learners a solid foundation and a sound understanding in preparation for the primary school.

Learners in the Foundation Phase are at a threshold in their lives. It is our task to mould our learners with good values and morals in life so that they are accepted as members of society.

Mrs T Poonan