We are a nurturing community of staff, parents and children. We are committed to create a safe, fun and meaningful early childhood experience.

We accommodate children (3-4years) grade 000 and (4-5years) grade 00. Although we have an informal approach, it takes place within a structured daily programme where the emphasis is on the holistic development of each child.

A great deal of attention is given to and time is spent on gross motor and fine motor skills, cognitive development, perceptual development and social development.

Observation and assessment is a continuous process and is based on the stages of each child’s development. We have well planned lessons to meet curriculum goals, challenging learners while ensuring that learning is fun, playful, and relevant to their lives.

At S.B.S.M. we strive to make the child’s foundation as strong as possible. We believe in a strong partnership with our family and our community.