• Every parent wants what is best for his or her child – both in the short term, and in the long term. For this reason the provision of a quality education for the child is of the utmost importance and concerned parents go to great lengths to secure the best possible schooling, often at great sacrifice to themselves.
  • Schools, for their part, are acutely aware of the aspirations of parents for their children and strive, each in their own way, to provide the best education affordable. No school can operate successfully if inadequately funded. The primary reason for deteriorating standards in some schools is the relatively low level of funding to these schools. This has made independent schools very attractive to many parents.

Tuition Fees:

  • These charges are kept at the lowest possible level. The annual fee increase anticipated is relative to the increase in operational and salary costs.

Account Statements:

  • Statements for school fees and extras are emailed or distributed to parents at the end of each month via their children.

Annual Re – Registration:

  • All parents are required to complete and sign the Annual Learner Re – Registration Form sent out at the beginning of the third term. Learners will not be allowed to attend the school if this form is not signed and returned to the School on the due date indicated on the form.

Terms Associated with the Payment of Fees

  • Parents will be invoiced on a yearly basis for fees and statements will be sent on a monthly basis.
  • Annual fees are due on 31 January each year and are payable:
  • as a lump sum on or before 31 January; or
  • ten monthly installments by debit order commencing on either 26 January or 1 February. Provisions will not be made for alternative debit order dates other than those stated.
  • All lump sum monies in lieu of the payment of school fees are payable by EFT. Neither cash nor cheques will be accepted at the school.

Discount Allowed

  • Where annual tuition fees are paid in advance, a discount (determined by the Finance Committee from time to time) will be granted.


  • The parent/guardian agrees to be liable for and reimburse the school on demand the full price of a new textbook, should any one or more text books hired to the learner be torn, damaged, destroyed, lost or misplaced.

Default on Payments

  • If the account is outstanding for 30 days, a first warning letter will be sent. The letter will inform parents that they are in breach of the contract and the parents will be given two weeks to settle the outstanding account.
  • Should the account remain unpaid after the window period stated above, parents will receive a second letter advising them, that the learner may be excluded from the school as a consequence of the breach of contract.
  • If parents are experiencing financial challenges, an appointment must be set up with the Bursar and the School Director to see if an arrangement can be made with regards to fee payments.
  • If these arrangements are not adhered to, the outstanding account may be handed over to either a debt collection agency or the School’s attorneys for collection and shall become liable.
  • for all the tracing and legal costs and expenses of collecting such school fees and monies.
  • An alternative arrangement must be made for the education of the learner/s.

Overdue Accounts

  • Interest is levied monthly on all tuition fees that are 30 days in arrears. The rate is set by the Finance Committee.

RD (“Return to Drawer”) Cheques

  • An administrative fee of (determined by the Finance Committee from time to time) will be levied on every RD cheque received in lieu of any payment.