S.B.S.M Elementary Division

SBSM Elementary school was started in 1973 under the auspices of T.U.P.S Educational Council. The Montessori teaching method was implemented in 1981. We integrate the National Curriculum framework and Montessori system. Our educators strive to develop a positive achievement of our primary goal, viz, the deliverance of quality education.


  • The holistic development of the child
  • Potential to develop intellect skills:- Numeracy (number operations and relationships); Literacy (language structure); Life Skills (health, social, personal, physical development and movement)
  • Learning to provide a play based environment
  • Flexible daily routine structured according to child’s needs
  • Montessori and ECD based content
  • Freedom of movement within the classroom
  • Classrooms are usually fitted with child-sized tables and chairs arranged in small clusters with classroom materials on child-height shelves throughout the room
  • Classroom materials usually include activities for engaging in practical skills such as pouring and spooning, materials of the senses, maths materials, language, music and art
  • Classroom materials and lessons include work in language, mathematics, history, sciences and arts
  • Feeder school for Foundation Phase: Grade R at SBSM


Our daily programme is as follows

  • Times : Monday – Thursday 8:30 to 12:45 ; Friday 8:30 – 12:00
  • Prayer :- Start off with Gayatri mantra, English prayer, South Africa and India national anthem.
  • Yoga capsule :- There are 5 yoga capsule, 1 capsule is done per day
  • Morning Ring :- Includes working on days of the week, months of the year, seasons of the year, alphabet, shapes, colours and flash cards.
  • Theme discussion:- enables language development
  • Montessori presentation :- material consist of Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths and Language.
  • Creative activity:- drawing, painting, cut and paste, gum paper, pastel, collage and art & craft
  • Outdoor play :- Daily outdoor play includes time spent on, jungle gym, sandpit play, movement activities , ball and bean bag play. Free play is presented by the teachers and teacher supervision in specific areas exists at all times.
  • Story / rhymes :- helps builds concentration, confidence, memory and vocabulary.

Extra Curricular Activities

Speech and Drama

  • Speech and drama activities helps build a child’s self confidence
  • Tongue twisters and sentence construction aids with pronunciation and speech articulation
  • Identifies possible speech problems

Computer Literacy

  • Introduces educational skills
  • Teaches spatial and logical skills
  • Prepares children for future computer use
  • Increases self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Boosts problem solving skills
  • Assists with language comprehension, memory and manual dexterity

Physical Education

  • Activities to promote movement and physical development
  • Develops basic skills such as skipping and hopping
  • Improves child’s muscular strength and flexibility
  • Develops gross motor skills which allows for safe, successful participation in activities


  • Shivratri 2015 at Rameshwar Mandir
  • Excursion to Orango Tango
  • Clay Play with Dad workshop
  • 20th Anniversary celebrations
  • Excursion to JHB Zoo
  • MASA Butterfly mosaic project
  • PJ party
  • Sports Day
  • Picnic day
  • Graduation