Thank you for showing an interest in our school. Please read the admissions policy carefully and then complete the application. Kindly note that all forms are to be completed in full and all required documentation are to accompany the application. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary delays as the application may not be considered.

Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir is a co – educational school based on the Hindu ethos and values. The School welcomes all students regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, to all rights priviledges, programmes and activities generally accorded to students at The School subject to the various criteria set out herein.

While The School does not discriminate on religious grounds in terms of the admission, it is expected that those students who are enrolled at The School attend various religious activities specific to the Hindu faith that are practised by The School. These include assembly and the celebration of the various festivals.

Criteria for Admission

  1. Admissions to Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir is open to all. Application forms may be collected from the school or downloaded from the School’s website. All applications are considered on merit and acceptance is based on the outcome of the applicable process.
  2. Applications are to be signed by both parents of the child. In any other legal instance, proof of the authority will need to be provided.
  3. Preference is given on the waiting list to siblings and the children of alumni depending on the space available. Additional consideration is given to children of staff.
  4. Admissions will also be considered whether the family and child will align to the values of School, whether the child will add value to the School and whether the family is able to meet the fee commitments.
  5. A nominal application fee is payable at the time the application form is handed back to the school.
  6. The School has a central admissions office which manages the admissions process from application to acceptance from Playgroup – Grade 10. These actions may include assessments, interviews and discussions with previous schools.
  7. All applications are subject to fee payment verification by the previous school attended. The School Admissions office will request information regarding payment history and subsidies in each instance. The School may decide not to offer a place in the case of an adverse report.
  8. Successful applicants must also agree to submit to the school’s Code of Conduct.
  9. All new admissions to the School require the payment of a non refundable registration fee, determined by the Executive of the Advisory Council from time to time.
  10. Applicants who are not South African citizens must also provide a valid study permit.
  11. SBSM is primarily an academic institution with the emphasis on English, Mathematics and Science. We are, however, affiliated to the Lenasia School Sports Council and participate in all their sports codes.

Admission Procedure

Applicants for Admission must comply with the following procedure:

  1. The Application form must be completed and forwarded to the School Secretary.
  2. All new applicants are subjected to an entrance examination or to a school readiness assessment. An administration fee (determined by the Executive of Advisory Council from time to time) is payable before writing the entrance examination/readiness assessment.
  3. After passing the examination/ readiness assessment the Applicant with his/her parents/guardian will be requested to attend an interview with the Headmasters and to submit a character reference from his/her current school.
  4. All Applicants are required to provide their academic report from their previous school.
  5. The final decision will be made after the interview and the successful applicants will be notified.
  6. Those applicants, who cannot be accepted due only to lack of availability, will be placed on a waiting list in order of date of application.
  7. A date will be set up to complete the final registration procedure and a non-refundable registration fee (determined by the Executive of the Advisory Council from time to time) is payable on this day.

Admissions May Be Withdrawn

A successful application for admission may be suspended or withdrawn by The School at any time after the applicant has been placed, under the following conditions:

  1. Where the student is in breach of The School’s Code of Conduct and a suspension or expulsion is warranted.
  2. Where the person(s) responsible for the payment of school fees and levies are in breach of the fee agreement.
  3. Where a continued relationship between The School and the parent (s) / guardian (s) is not possible.


  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of latest school report.
  • Character reference in respect of the applicant.