Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir

Matric Send Off 2017

The send off was initiated by the Education Committee of SBSM. It is a way to thank parents for bringing their children to our school and trusting us with them everyday. It is our way of acknowledging their choice of staying with a great school like SBSM.

The function is an elegant, formal dinner with a presentation designed to take the parents back to the day that they first walked through the gates of SBSM. It is a night specially set aside for our matriculants and their parents. We showcase the confidence and growth that has taken place in the learner by allowing each one the opportunity to recite a 2 min speech about life at SBSM

It is an occasion for the school to recognize the parents for raising such an amazing group of people: our matriculants. We also show appreciation to the parents for being involved in their child’s many activities at SBSM life which will lead them to more opportunities for success .It is a night to showcase  that as they close the door on one chapter of their  lives they are  prepared  and ready to open another.

With a soul searching video that we play on the night, we encourage our leaners to change someone’s life for the better and help those less fortunate. Our hope is that they leave SBSM with the morals and values necessary to promote great change in our community.

However, most of all we want to thank the parents and students with a smile on their face as they recall great memories of time spent at SBSM.