This year the SBSM School partnered with Mask events, Roshgold News and Jozissbbf to power the second annual Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival. The Master of Ceremonies Mr J. Nana, Headmaster of SBSM, formally compered the opening ceremony on Sunday, July 30th, 2017, 10am at the Patidar Hall in Lenasia. The guest speaker, Former Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan expressed a profound message to the youth telling them to read vastly so as to understand the ever changing world. At the opening ceremony Sudheer Gowan, a Grade 11 learner and ambassador of SBSM presented a tribute to living legend, Poet and Author Achmat Dangor who was a guest in the audience.
Photography by Fakir Hassen, Saaleha Idress Bamjee and the Roshnee Photography Club was on display in the foyer of the Patidar Hall.
Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival 2017 showcased the talents of Penguin Published authors’ Pamela Power and Fred Khumalo, authors Elinor Sisulu and Qarnita Loxton, Mail&Guardian Editor in Chief Khadija Patel, and 10 year old author Stacey Fru, award winning theatrical actress Ameera Patel as well as over 60 of Jozi’s top authors, bloggers and journalists. The festival consisted of engaging panel discussions with literary greats, reading sessions, new release promos, adult and teen blogging workshops, teen writing workshops as well as storytelling, puppet shows and craft making for the kids.
“Jozisbbf2017 was more than what we envisioned the day to be,” expressed Dr Zaheera Jina, Programme Director of the Festival. “Everybody came on board and collaborated together to do their part and make this event successful. Literary folk engaged with each other and with readers to connect and share ideas and reflections. The whole experience of reading and writing became real for everybody. Our community event has grown!”
Dr Jina expressed further gratitude to the host school by warmly stating that, “#Jozisbbf2017 was an amazing success thanks to SBSM School who not only hosted the Fest but also made it fabulous!” She expressed a personal thanks to Mr and Mrs Nana from SBSM for coordinating the festival alongside her, Munira from MASK events, Aadila Sallie from Roshgold News, Dimple Paima Patidar, an alumini of SBSM who is an active member of Jozi’sbbf who had passed the Vote of Thanks and Niribhai Paima from TUPS / SBSM.
SBSM hopes to partner with #Jozisbbf for more events in the future.
Mrs K. Nana
SBSM Educator and Coordinator of Jozi’s Books and Blogs2017